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Travel bookings ahead of Saudi National Day increase by 141%

Bookings from Saudi Arabia for travel between September 22 and 25, ahead of the Saudi national holiday on September 22, soared 141% in August from the previous month, according to Skyscanner, a major market travel.

In the past week alone, the week starting September 5, bookings for the Saudi National Day holiday period have increased by 40%, revealing the appetite for these last-minute, spontaneous breaks.

Top trending destinations ahead of Saudi National Day:

Main redirecting (booking) country destinations for Saudi travelers on the occasion of the Saudi National Day:
1. Turkey
2. Egypt
3. India
5. Thailand

Main urban redirection (reservation) destinations for Saudi travelers on the occasion of the Saudi National Day:
1. Istanbul
2. Cairo
4. Dubai
5. London

Top emerging destinations for Saudi travelers in 2022:
1. Thailand +209%
2. Albania + 125%
3. Portugal +57%
4. Austria +60%
5.Maldives +30%

Skyscanner travel expert Ayoub El Mamoun said: “As the Saudi National Day holiday approaches, it is clear that travelers want to make the most of their annual leave with a long weekend. In fact, we saw bookings increase by 141% in August for the Saudi National Day holiday period, with destinations such as Istanbul, Cairo and Bangkok being the most popular with Saudi travellers.

“For travelers looking to book a last-minute getaway, a Skyscanner search for ‘Anywhere’ is one of the easiest ways to find inspiration to book a spontaneous getaway. Sorted by price, a search for ‘Anywhere’ offers travelers the cheapest way to get away this fall and beyond, allowing easy exploration of all the options available in hundreds of destinations.If you know your favorite destination, but are flexible on dates, use Skyscanner’s “whole month” tool to see the best deals at a glance and choose the one that’s right for you.

Top tips for finding the best travel deals for Saudi Arabia’s National Day and beyond according to Ayoub El Mamoun, Skyscanner’s travel expert:

Mix and match for big savings: “Mixing and matching the airlines you choose to fly with can significantly reduce costs. Fares don’t need to be booked as a round trip, consider flying with one airline and returning with another or leaving one airport and returning to another.

Change these dates: “Searching by multiple dates and airports will give you the best chance of getting a good deal. Flight prices are all based on supply and demand. Because some dates are more popular than others, prices will vary. The “whole month” search tool lets you see cheap flights at a glance and choose the right deal for you. Consider traveling a day before or a day after your original departure dates, fly the less popular days of the week is always less expensive.

Wanderlust calling:“If you don’t have a fixed destination in mind, you can search ‘Anywhere’ on Skyscanner – it’s a great way to see what’s available, sorted by price, and may inspire you to go somewhere you don’t. ‘ve never been before.

Live deals (Sept 22-25) using Skyscanner’s ‘Anywhere’ search:*****
UAE from SR827 ($220)
Egypt from SR881
Jordan from SR887
Turkey from SR1,282
Bahrain from SR1,413
Switzerland from SR1,818 – TradeArabia Press Office