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The best travel destinations for the end of the pandemic, in 2027


Governments around the world are advising against travel, in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some cities are open to tourism, but the consensus is that it’s best to wait until things get back to normal, when your friends can safely cancel their travel plans at the last minute, just like in the good old days. Until then, pack your bags, then put them away in the closet and dream of all the cool vacation spots you’ll come across as the pandemic ends in 2027.

Old New York

Old New York is going to be so much fun – jumping from bar to bar because you forgot how hot places can get when they don’t have capacity limits imposed by the CDC. Whether it’s taking photos in Times Square with Elmo or seeing Naked Cowboy, Sr. passing the torch to his son, Naked Cowboy, Jr., touching a subway pole and only worrying about it. to fall ill regularly, the Big Apple should be on everyone’s future travel list.


Yes, Mississippi. His willingness to finally change the flag means the Mississippians are moving in a progressive direction. Do you know what happens after you remove the Confederate symbol from your flag? Legalize marijuana. We all look forward to the Magnolia State becoming the new Amsterdam.


More time passes means more climate change, which means warmer weather for Alaska! A summer trip to Alaska in 2027 may just be the decision once it hits a scorching sixty-two degree temperature. Wax your surfboard, as melting glaciers will provide opportunities for gnarled alleys.


Canada has been pretty strict on who can enter the country since the start of the pandemic, and rightly so. They even kicked the Toronto Raptors out and made them play at home in America, like a struggling teenager they sent to boarding school. But, when that is all over, six years from now there will be free poutine fountains at the border. Prime Minister Drake will make sure of that.

Amazon Prime Island

An Amazon Prime membership will give you access to the must-have Amazon Prime Island by Jeff Bezos. Prime members will be able to mingle with the cast of their favorite Prime shows and movies. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have Prime to visit, but unfortunately as a regular member your flight to the island will take two to three business days.


By 2027, Elon Musk and Co. will have shuttles ready to teleport us into space. If we are lucky, Spirit Airlines might even offer inexpensive flights. (However, baggage fees can be expensive, so you should probably leave the bags at home and go shopping for clothes when you arrive on Mars.)


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