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President Samia’s documentary attracts 30 travel agencies


Kilimanjaro International Tourism & Safaris (KITS) COO Francis Malugu revealed in Dar es Salaam yesterday that his company’s decision to attract travel agencies from the United States and around the world has been taken after learning that the Tanzanian head of state was personally carrying out the act of promoting the country’s many tourist attractions through the documentary Royal Tour.

He said the owners and senior executives of these travel agencies have already confirmed that they will be arriving in the country for a close and personal familiarization with “Destination Tanzania Tourism” which is scheduled to take place this year from 23 to 30 November.

He said that KITS ‘main business is finding and bringing tourists to Tanzania, a value proposition that is constantly challenged by Tanzania’s competitors across its various borders.

He further explained that the President’s decision to personally lead the Royal Tour documentary project has made a lot easier for the tourism industry and its many stakeholders.

Malugu added that after learning about the Royal Tour initiative earlier, KITS strategically approached a number of travel agencies in their respective industry associations.

He said that as a result, more than 30 travel agencies have responded positively, meaning that thousands of travelers are expected to choose Tanzania as their preferred African safari destination country.

“KITS continues to inform and influence more US travel agencies to sell Destination Tanzania Tourism by leveraging the Royal Tour documentary which is expected to feature the President of Tanzania on a welcome visit to the country,” he said. -he declares.

He praised President Samia’s decision to record a documentary saying it will help promote the country’s tourist attractions and boost the economy of the sector which has been severely affected by the global COVID 19 pandemic.

In addition, this decision is in line with the government’s goal of increasing the number of tourists visiting the country each year, which in turn will increase the incomes of tourism-dependent communities, businesses and the national economy in general. .

Malugu said KITS continues to reap the expected benefits of the Royal Tour documentary by participating in the Top Resa show in Paris in October this year, which will be followed by two travel adventure shows that will also be held in October this year. in Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco, California as well as the National Tour Association (NTA) annual convention in Cleveland-Ohio which will attract 2,300 travel agencies across the United States and Canada.

The official thanked the Embassy of Tanzania in the United States, the Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB), Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA), the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) and the Tanzania Investment Center (TIC) for their collaboration which has led to the achievements that have already been recorded.

According to him, the current recording of the Royal Tour documentary shows that the government’s goal of receiving 5 million tourists and raising US $ 6 billion in tourism revenue by 2025 may be achievable despite the current challenge. of the global pandemic.

Developing further, Malugu said the documentary will put the country on the world map by occupying a special place as a tourism hotspot. This alone will boost the country’s economy through increased tourists, foreign direct investment, and local business income.

“I call on the Ambassador of Tanzania to the United States, Elsie Kanza, to invite influential members of the Tanzanian diaspora to participate in or attend the launch of the documentary Royal Tour by President Samia Suluhu Hassan when she arrives in the United States. United in November of this year, ”she explained.

Malugu noted that the result of the travel agency visit to Tanzania confirms the government’s efforts to influence its diaspora to play an enabling role in promoting Tanzanian tourism and attracting foreign investment to the country.

On September 4 of this year, President Samia Suluhu Hassan launched the recording of a documentary called “The Royal Tour”.

The recording of the documentary intended to promote Tanzania internationally began on August 28 in Zanzibar where the president was on an official visit.

According to a statement released on Sunday, August 29, 2021 by the Director of Presidential Communications, Jaffar Haniu said that the head of state will show visitors different attractions and that a documentary will be recorded to coordinate the plan to promote tourism, trade and investment opportunities available in Tanzania. internationally.


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