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Llandudno is on the list of the world’s best travel destinations for 2022

The Welsh resort town of Llandudno is the surprising name in a list of emerging global destinations set to hit travelers’ bucket lists in 2022.

The Victorian coastal city rubs shoulders with more illustrious names such as the American city of Atlanta, Montpellier in France, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and other seaside resorts in Malaysia, Taiwan and Brazil.

The prestigious report, based on information provided to travel agency by 24,000 travelers in 31 countries, claimed that Llandudno, famous for its Great Orme cliffs and wide streets, was a “seaside gem. sea ​​and the perfect escape with beaches, nature and castles.”

The report continues: “Known as ‘the queen of Welsh waterholes’, this Victorian seaside gem on the North Wales coast is perfect for exploring beaches, nature and castles.

“To see the whole town, the formidable limestone promontory overlooking Llandudno is known as the Great Orme and visitors can take the tram up to the summit station for magnificent views.

“For a quintessentially British seaside experience, Llandudno Pier is ideal for seaside entertainment and lovely shopping. Llandudno is also home to the Oriel Mostyn Gallery; a stylish building that showcases contemporary art is close to a variety of restaurants, pubs and shops.”

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He said: “While Covid-19 is not yet in the rear-view mirror, an untiring sense of hope is beginning to take its place.

“To explore this wave of optimism, commissioned extensive research with more than 24,000 travelers in 31 countries and territories to predict how travel will continue to be redefined in the year ahead. ”

Ryan Pearson, Regional Director of, added: “As we look to the year ahead, we see a lot of excitement and anticipation for people to start traveling again, whether it’s domestically, abroad, the trip of a lifetime or simply say yes to any travel opportunity that comes their way, and it’s our mission to make it easy for everyone.”

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