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Business travel is almost as old as business itself. Stacker traced the history of business travel, from ancient trade routes and steam locomotives to business class airline tickets.

Since the first trade routes that were established in Eurasia in 3000 BC, the exchange of goods across the world has been a major driver of business travel. As technology advanced, so did the modes of transportation for business travelers. The horse-drawn caravans of the Silk Road gave way to steam engines from Europe and the United States centuries later, and still later, the invention of the airplane would reduce times even further. path.

As travel became easier, the world became more and more interconnected. Multinational corporations could communicate between their constituent parts with ever-increasing ease, and distributors of goods and services could offer them to the whole world instead of being confined to their small geographic spheres.

Business travel applies to all types of workers, from corporate executives and traders to artisans and construction workers. Beneficiaries of business travel include the entire travel and hospitality industry, from airlines to hotels to rail companies.

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