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Andie MacDowell reveals his favorite travel destinations and routines


What’s in your carry-on baggage:

” Lots of hydration [products], because it’s so dry. I would definitely take a [L’Oreal] Age Perfect cream or Age Perfect oil, preferably. I’m big on oils. And I’ll take some makeup with me because when I go down I want to cool off a bit. A pinch of blush, lipstick, maybe mascara, but maybe not – maybe just blush and lipstick. But hydrate a lot, especially when traveling from Los Angeles to Europe because these flights are so long and the air is really dry. You must drink a lot, especially if you have been drinking this wine. You also need to be sure you have plenty of water.

When she adopted this first class lifestyle:

“When I started modeling, I wasn’t flying first class. I remember sleeping on my back. Like the seats weren’t all occupied – it was really lucky, if that happened – you could just blow those seats up [rests] standing and sleeping in the back. I can’t exactly remember the first time I flew first class or even business, but I have to say once you did it’s hard to come back. It’s just uncomfortable once you’ve experienced being able to lie down.

His memories of Concorde:

“About four or five times, I flew the Concorde. I mean, it was amusing. You talk about fun, it was fun. I remember sitting across from this woman with her husband – I think she was from Texas or something because she had a very southern accent – and I just remember her saying, ” I have an unforgettable time! I was just laughing. But I mean, three hour flight and you were there. It was unbelievable.

How she spends her flight time:

“I watch so many movies. I will usually try to search for something that I missed that I wanted to see and that I’m really excited to watch. I also find that I enjoy, if I have worked, just this quiet time to sit on a plane. You can catch up, you read. Sometimes I will sit and watch five movies in a row and then I get off the plane and I will be so tired because I was awake the whole time and changed my time zone. Deprived of sleep, I’m going to sit there and try to remember what I watched.

What she favors when planning her vacation:

“A lot of my trips were work related and I turned them into lovely family trips in the past when my kids were little. But if I’m taking a trip on my own, I’m not really a sitting tall person. I like the activities. I went to India with a friend of mine and we were busy everyday. From morning to night, we would go and visit places. It’s the kind of trip that I love. I am not a really relaxed person, I am not a person lying on the beach. It’s hard for me, but I did it. I went to Tulum for a yoga retreat – this way I do yoga in the morning and yoga in the evening and then I can relax. But I’m the type of person who likes to move. I would love to hike in Patagonia. This, to me, sounds like fun.


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