Installment payment of Driver’s License

Installment payment of Driver

Faced with the sometimes absolute need to obtain a driving license to work, there is help to be able to finance it, whether by local authorities. Credit is also a possibility, starting with the payment facilities of driving schools.

There are financial aids to pass his license.


  1. How to pay for a driver’s license?
  2. Payment in several times of the driving school
  3. Helps for driving license
  4. A BEP to learn to drive?
  5. Price and license fee

Driving license is a right, obtained after passing two exams. A review of the Highway Code, and a driving test. The exams are free (public service), but to pass these exams, it must be prepared. This is where the driving school comes in, which, with its instructors, allows everyone to learn the rules of the road and to drive. But where schooling is free in France, the driving school is not, they are private schools, and have significant costs: we must pay the instructors, but also the apprenticeship cars, which must be renewed very frequently.

Dedicated page of the employment center on the driving license

RSA Driving License: Driving License Aids

The beneficiaries of the RSA (former RMI), there is a special driving license, which is funded under the APRE (Personalized Return to Work). The attribution modalities can be identical to the other unemployed. There are still microcredits for RSA beneficiaries, who can play in improving the financial situation of the job seeker at RSA.

All about RSA credit

Allowed for one euro per day

Allowed for one euro per day

For those who can not benefit from the help of the Employment Center, there is the possibility to make a credit. The state is proposing a zero-interest loan, named “one euro per day”, for young people between the ages of 16 and 25. Many banks are partners of the device, and offer this type of credit. It is the state that bears the interest: the banks thus earn money by lending to future young drivers. There are no fees.

The objectives of the one euro a day license are to facilitate access to driving licenses, and to continue to improve the quality of training. To do this, driving schools are committed to a quality approach. To be able to benefit from the license to one euro per day, it is thus necessary that the driving school is partner of the State.

The “one euro per day permit” allows you to obtain a ” driving license credit “, whether it is the car category B (light vehicles) or the motorcycle license, category A (motorcycle of more than 125 cm3). It can only be used once, for a first registration at a driving school.

There is no ceiling of resources to benefit from it, but the bank must accept the file of the applicant of the loan: if the borrower does not present any guarantee when to a possible refund, the bank can refuse to lend money even helped by the state.

How to benefit from the license for one euro per day

How to benefit from the license for one euro per day

First of all, you need a quotation from a driving school partner of the “one euro a day license”. The school will estimate the number of driving hours required and will quote. Then you just have to go to the bank, its financial institution. There are three possibilities to qualify for the loan, all aimed at securing the bank, to ensure that the applicant can repay his loan:

  • Or submit a proof of income, with sufficient income to repay 30 euros per month.
  • Either submit a bond
  • Either make a co-loan (article eKonomia) with the parents of the applicant.

If the loan applicant is a minor (training in accompanied driving), the parents borrow on behalf of their child.

For young people who can not provide parental security, there is a public charge of the loan guarantee, if the young person is enrolled in a training or access to employment.

Once enrolled at the school adhering to the “one euro per day license”, the candidate is assured of being in a school that has signed a quality charter. The candidate also commits to be diligent and apply, and to finish the training. To find out about the partner schools of the device: on the road safety site or on the website of the National Association for the Promotion of Road Education, ANPER.

The license for one euro a day is a license exactly like the others, of course. Only the payment method of the driving school changes, easier for the candidate, who can spread the expense of obtaining a driver’s license.

What happens if the candidate misses the test?

What happens if the candidate misses the test?

The extra cost going beyond the 1200 euros originally planned will be paid by the candidate. Financial institutions can also finance further training, if they wish.

The candidate agrees to finish the training, but there are valid reasons to stop it. Health problems, a move allow the young person to recover the hours of driving “not consumed”. If he has no valid reason to stop the training, he will have to pay a penalty of up to 10% of the unused amount. If for example he has not consumed 400 euros of driving course, he can pay up to 40 euros to stop training.

To continue the training later, the young person will have to go to another driving school, and will not be able to benefit from the license to one euro per day.

Refund of driving license at one euro per day

Refund of driving license at one euro per day

The refund is monthly, 30 euros per month. This is where the expression “one euro per day” comes from. Interest is borne by the State, it is a zero interest loan. The repayment begins in the month following the availability of funds.

The date of obtaining the permit is not linked to the end of the refund. The end of the repayment is agreed in advance with the financial institution, depending on the amount borrowed. The refund can go from 20 to 40 months. The maximum limit of this loan rate zero set by the state is 1200 euros, but we are of course not obliged to take courses at 1200 euros. We saw in the first part of this article that it was better, however, to engage in a quality education, I can not recommend too much to opt for the package to 1200 euros, pledge of a greater possibility of success in the driving test.

It is not possible to have a loan amount higher than the quote of the school presented to the banker. No need to apply for a loan of 1200 euros if your quote is only 900.

Then there is of course the possibility of having a personal contribution to borrow less money, or to make an early repayment so as not to continue to pay a credit. Here, it must be understood that it is a zero rate loan: it is clearly better not to use personal contribution or repay early! Indeed, the money you have, better put on a savings account, it pays, the zero rate loan cost absolutely nothing.

Aid from local authorities

Aid from local authorities

Municipalities, regional councils, can promote access to obtaining a driving license. Each community has its own mechanism, and its own conditions, it is necessary for this to be informed at the town hall of his place of residence. However, one device comes back more often than the others and is quite common in France: the driving license grant.

The scholarship is for young people aged 18 to 25 who do not have sufficient personal or family resources to finance their training to obtain a driving license. The principle is simple: in exchange for an activity of collective interest, from 40 to 50 hours, the young person is financed part of the cost of his training. The activity is usually done in a humanitarian association.

The scholarship to the license thus has a double advantage: to allow the young person to integrate socially, by helping people in difficulty, and help him obtain the driving license, essential condition in many regions of France to have a social life, a work.

Another undeniable advantage is that the “one euro per day” and “driving license grant” schemes can be combined.

Driver’s license for temporary workers

Temporary workers in temporary employment may have their driving license partly financed by the Temporary Labor Social Action Fund. This comes under the ” € 1 per day license “, with an aid of € 500. To benefit from it, one must be on temporary assignment, and be able to justify 450 hours of work during the year.

More information: interim credit

Driver’s license for the disabled

The AGEFIPH (Association for the Management of Funds for the Professional Integration of Disabled People) supports the mobility of people with disabilities, helping them pass the driving license, if it is necessary to obtain or keep a job.

Funding can range from € 800 to € 1300 for a converted permit.

page dedicated to the code of the road.

If you are one of the people who already have a solid experience of the road, you can take the first price of driving schools, with only 20 hours of driving. If, on the other hand, we are among those who have never touched a wheel, the wisest course would be to take a quality package, with 30 hours of driving lessons right away. Given the current statistics, it is better to pay a little more at the beginning and have 30 hours of class to pass only once the exam, that to pay not expensive 20 hours, then pay full rate overtime. In addition, the presentation fees for exams can go up to 200 euros!

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